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Tenancy Management


Tenancy management is a service within property management that provides comprehensive assistance to the new tenant in the administration of the property rental. The service was created specifically for the needs of multinational and medium-sized companies that continuously employ foreign workers. Whether the tenant is a private person or an employee of a company, the current resident faces several bureaucratic challenges, starting at taking possession of the leased property throughout the entire lease period. We offer help for the smooth and stress-free completion of this wide-ranging process, which also includes legal and official procedures.


The challenge may start when the employer tries to facilitate the relocation of the foreign employee, but the HR department does not always have the capacity to do so. Tenancy management offers a customized solution to this problem, focusing specifically on accommodating the employee and all the related tasks that come with this process.


At Home Budapest has been providing high-quality real estate services to domestic and foreign property owners and investors since 2005, as well as property management, while we have also become a key player in the real estate market for foreign workers coming to Hungary. Over the past two decades, our expert team has found new homes for hundreds of clients from America, South Korea, Japan, China, India, and the European Union, among others. Based on this experience, we created a unique new service, which was created by a clear market demand.

During the tenancy management service, a dedicated specialist helps the resident and his family with the comprehensive administration of the property, such as:

  • Interpretation, conclusion, extension, and modification of the rental agreement.
  • Preparing and singing the minutes of taking possession documents of the leased property, at the handover.
  • Organization of internet connection.
  • Transferring of utility meters from owner to tenant’s name. Monthly submission of the these meters to the service providers, when required.
  • Advice and administration related to registration of address as residence.
  • Maintaining contact between the tenant and the owner (or the owner's representative).
  • Organization and execution of maintenance repairs.
  • Organization of regular or occasional cleaning.
  • Handling other tasks related to the property until moving out.


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