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District information

At Home is a luxury real estate agency, which offers special services in Budapest highlighted and premium districts. Our mission to help searching, selling and renting excellent properties in the city. According to our clients, these are the most attractive districts in Budapest, thereby we offer our services in the following areas:

- BUDA -


1st district

Popular places: Castle District, Vízivaros, Krisztinaváros, Gellért Hill, Tabán

The biggest part of the district (Castle and Víziváros) is a very popular cultural territory in Budapest, and it is also a famous part of Unesco World Heritage. We can honestly say, this is the wealthiest part of Budapest, and maybe the whole country, because there are a lot of amazing monuments, sights, museums, spas and thermal springs. It is not just a showcase city for turists, but also a lively area for everyone, where we can find several souvenir shops, markets, embassies, studios for artists, ministry buildings and schools.

We recommend this district to everyone who wants to feel history and the atmoshpere of old, narrow streets just around his residence.

Centers: Batthyány Square, Budapest Déli Railway Station
Relevant roads: Krisztina Boulevard, Bem Wharf, Fő Road, Attila Road
Publis transport:
     Bus: 16, 16A, 105
     Tram: 18
Shopping centers: Batthyányi téri Vásárcsarnok, Krisztina Pláza
Sport and cultural centers: Oxygen wellness Naphegy
Recreation and attractions: Buda Castle, Citadel



2nd district

Popular places: Rózsadomb, Vérhalom, Törökvész, Pasarét

The 2nd district is the most characteristic villa area of Budapest, but this is also a well-known and exclusive territory of Hungary. The area is very popular, because it is really close to the city center and located in a large green area with amazing hills. Most people wrongly identify the district with Rózsadomb, which is officially located in the eastern mountainous part of II. district, close to Danube, Országút, Rézmál, Vérhalom, Szemlőhegy and Felhévíz.
Perhaps just a few people know that, there are a lot of amazing spas in this district, which you can fin
d in the
 North and South side of Margaret Bridge.
Significant foreign people live in the II. district - like in the XII. district too - therefore several embassies and consulates located in the old classic villas. Because of them, there are plenty of foreign-language private schools for foreign children or wealthy Hungarian families.
We recommend the 2nd district to those, who prefer to live in a calm, green neighbourhood yet close to the center.

Centers: Széll Kálmán Square, Mechwart Park, Pasarét Square
Relevant roads: Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, Margaret Boulevard, Pasaréti Road, Bimbó Road, Pusztaszeri Road, Törökvészi Road, Kapy Street, Gábor Áron Street, Zöldlomb Street
Public transport:
             Metro: 2 (red)
             Bus: 5, 11, 91, 129, 256
             Tram: 4-6, 17, 61
             Szentendre train
Shopping centre: Mammut I-II, Rózsakert, Rózsadomb Center, Budagyöngye
International Schools: GGIS, British International School, SEK, ISB, Lauder Jewish School
Sport and cultural centers: Vasas Sportcentrum, Millenáris Park, Marczibányi Square Sportcentrum, Lite wellness Mammut
Recreation and attractions: Cave of Szemlő Hill, Millenáris park, Lukács Bath, Császár-Komjádi Sport Pool, Stalactite Cave of Pál Valley, Apáthy-szikla, Tomb of Gül Baba


2/a district

Popular places: Hűvösvölgy, Remetekertváros, Máriaremete, Budaliget, Széphalom, Pesthidegkút

The II/A district is officially the part of the II. district, but it is worth analyzing separately. It is located in the edge of II. district, and we can reach this area from the Hűvösvölgyi Road, when we intend to going out of the town. This part of the district is much more american, because this is an elegant suburban area with newly built family houses.

Centers: Hűvösvölgy Road BKV Station, Hidegkúti Road
Relevant roads: Hűvösvölgyi Road, Máriaremetei Road, Hidegkúti Road, Ördögárok Street
Public transport:
                Bus: 257, 157, 63, 64 és 164
                Tram: 61
Shopping centers: Stop Shop, Széphalom Shopping Centre
International Schools: American School, French School
Recreation and attractions: Hármashatár-hegy, Vitorlázórepülő tér




3rd district

Popular places: Óbuda, Remetehegy, Testvérhegy, Szépvölgy, Csillaghegy

The 3rd district is in the northern side of Buda and it is really close to the city borders. The district’ most important transport crossroad is in Flórián tér and the northern side of Árpád Bridge, where not just Pest, but most parts of the district, even the nearby villages are accessible. We can use convenient trams and buses, which starts from Buda, but Szentendre Railway can be an other fast possibility to go to the city centre. The terminus of the railway is Békásmegyer, which is one popular part of the III. district, so we can explore the whole area.

Centers: Flórián Square
Relevant roads: Bécsi Road, Szentendrei Road, Lajos Street, Bécsi Road, Árpád fejedelem útja
Public transport:
              Bus: 6, 86, 18, 165, 65, 34, 42 and 106
              Tram: 1, 17
              Szentendre railway
Shopping centers: Eurocenter, Csillagvár
International Schools: IBS
Sport and cultural centers: Vasas club, Óbudai Művelődési Központ, Csillagvár
Recreation and attractions: Mátyáshegyi barlang, Acquincum, Hajógyári sziget, Zichy-kastély


11th district


Popular places: Sashegy, Sasad, Gazdagrét, Madárhegy, Gellért Hill (southern part), Szentimreváros

XI. district is the most crowded part of Budapest and located in the southern part of Buda.  In the northeast, we find the amazing Danube, the V. and IX. district, in the southeast we see the XXI. and the XXII. district. Besides, Budaörs located in the west, XII. and I. district in the north.

This is one of the most diverse area, and its history go back in time before the romans, so turists have the opportunity to visit plenty of museums. 11th district is also one of the biggest area in Budapest. You will find a lot of amazing sights, for instance the famous Gellért Spa and Gellért Hill, which are very beautiful and popular tourist destination.

Centers: Móricz Zsigmond körtér, Szent Gellért tér, BAH csomópont
Relevant roads: Budaörsi Road, Sasadi Road, Gazdagréti Road, Irhás árok, Villányi Road, Bartók Béla Road, Fehérvári Road
Public transport:
                Metro: 4 (green)
                Bus: 7, 73
                Tram: 18, 47, 49, 61
Shopping centers: Allee
International Schools: Waldorf
Recreation and attractions: Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool, Rudas Bath, Kopaszi Dike, Citadel, Lake Feneketlen

12th district

Popular places: Németvölgy, Farkasrét, Farkasvölgy, Mártonhegy, Svábhegy, Istenhegy, Orbánhegy, Kútvölgy, Virányos, Zugliget, Csillebérc

12th district is located in the middle of Buda, mainly in the mountainous area. Most part of the district was occupied by vineyards and forest excursion sites. In the North, we can find the 2nd district, in the East the 1st district, and in the south there is the XI. district. The western boundary is in the edge of Budapest border too, and the neighbouring areas are Budakeszi and Budaörs.

We can honestly say, this is a relevant district for our clients, because the most international schools located here or in the 2nd district. The properties and the quiet environment  extremely perfect for families. We recommend this area for those who prefer breathtaking panorama and calm, silent area when choosing their living places.

Centers: Városmajor, Szent Orbán Square, Apor Vilmos Square
Relevant roads: Németvölgyi Road, Istenhegyi Road, Fodor Street, Városmajor Street, Kútvölgyi Road, Virányos Road,, Zugligeti Road, Béla király útja
Public transport:
              Bus: 8, 21, 28, 61, 90
              Tram: 59
Shopping center: MOM Park
International schools and kindergartens: Happy Kids, Japan School, Hungarian-Austrian School
Cultural and sport centrum: MOM Park
Spare time: Normafa - Hárshegyi kilátó, Jánoshegyi (Erzsébet) kilátó, Svábhegy, Csillagvizsgáló, Libegő


- PEST -

5th district

Popular places: Lipótváros

The 5th district is not just Budapest „heart”, but maybe the whole country. Science, art, politics and business life. These types of buildings all come from the „Belváros”. Figuratively,  this is one of the „biggest” district, but it is actually one of the smallest in territory, population (about 40 000 people, approximately 21 000 apartment) and the size of the well-kept parks. This is the favourite district, especially for singles, business people and young people, because it offers a variety of entertainment options at night.

Centers: Kossuth Lajos Square, Szabadság Square, Deák Ferenc Square, Vörösmarty Square
Relevant roads: Arany János Street, Báthory Street, Szent István krt.
Public transport:
                Metro: 1 (yellow), 2 (red), 3 (blue), 4 (green)
                Tram: 2, 4-6
Shopping centers: Fashion Street
International schools and kindergartens: CEU
Spare time: Parliament, Gresham Palace, St. Stephen's Basilica, Ethnographic Museum, Fashion Street, Gerbeaud, Vörösmarty Square, Károlyi Garden




6th district

Popular places: Terézváros

This area is great for expats who enjoy cultural entertainment. In 6th district we can find the famous Western Railway Station and its busy square that waiting for locals and turists. Not far from here, it’s like a Broadway show, because of the theatres and clubs. The famous Andrássy Avenue, the great neo-renaissance palaces and the elegant villas are all part of the World Heritage Sites. Plenty of embassies located in the district, because of that, people call it diplomat quarter. There are a lot of cameras in the districts, so the safety is granted.

Centers: Oktogon, Heroes Square
Relevant roads: Andrássy Avenue, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road, Teréz krt.
Public transport:
                Metro: 1 (yellow)
                Tram: 4-6
Shopping centers: Westend
Spare time: Heroes Square, Andrássy Avenue, Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian State Opera House, House of Terror Museum



7th district

Popular places: Erzsébetváros

7th district is one of the smallest in the country, only a little more than 2,1 square kilometers. It has the lowest proportion of green space, only 1% of the entire area, approximately 22 000 square meters. Nowadays, this is the most densely populated area in Budapest.
The inner half of the district was the historic „Jewish quarter”, because since the 19th century this is the main centre of the Orthodox Jewish religious life. During the World War II, hungarians called it „big ghetto”. Until political transition, wealthy people constantly moved out from this district, but since 2000, in these empty apartment houses and its’ yards, people built so-called „romkocsma”, which are similar to restaurants and bars. Nowadays, this district is really famous of its entertainment possibilities. Because of the special atmosphere, the district attract thousand of turists and young people.

Centers: Blaha Lujza Square, Baross Square, Bethlen Gábor Square, Klauzál Square
Relevant roads: Király Street, Wesselényi Street, Teréz krt., Erzsébet körút, Károly körút, Rákóczi út, Dob Street, Akácfa Street, Dohány Street, Thököly út, Dózsa György út
Public transport:
                Metro: 1 (yellow)
                Tram: 4-6
Spare time: Madách Theatre, Madách Square, Gozsdu udvar, Dohány Street Synagogue, Rózsák tere, New York Palace



9th district

Popular places: Ferencváros

The 9th district is located in the center-south of the Pest side, and bordering with several districts: V. district in northwest, VIII. and X. district in northeast , XIX. and XX. district in southeast. Over the past decade, IX. district became a youthful and energetic center of the capital, thanks to the numerous innovations.

We can find here one of the major sport clubs in the country, the FTC, which football stadium is in the Üllői út.

Centers: Bakáts Square, Kálvin Square
Relevant roads: Üllői út, Ráday út
Public transport:
               Metro: 3 (blue)
               Tram: 2, 4-6
Shopping center: Lurdy Ház
Spare time: National Theatre, Palace of Arts, Museum of Applied Arts



13th district

Popular places: Újlipótváros, Vizafogó, Angyalföld

The XIII. district is in the Pest side of the Danube. After the political transition, some part of the town, including Angyalföld, Újlipótváros, Vizafogó, Margaret Island and the south side of Népsziget became the fastest developing area.  Thanks to the great infrastucture, trade and services took over the lead role.  The classic architecture of Margaret Island and the south side of Újlipótváros are significant turist attractions, such as the nearby public institutions.

Centers: Árpád Bridge, Dózsa György út, Teréz krt, Margaret Island, Nyugati Square, 
Béke Square
Relevant roads: Szent István körút, Váci út, Róbert Károly körút, Dózsa György út
Public transport:
              Metro: 3 (blue)
              Tram: 1, 14, 50
Shopping center: Duna Pláza
Spare time: Comedy Theatre, Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Stadium, Margaret Island