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The success of At Home

Success of At Home Networks - according to the leading economical portal

International developement on the luxury real estate market

At Home has been a relevant player of the luxury real estate market for eight years; the newest office has been opened in Vienna. Vienna is not the last station for the successful company; there are several plans to open further offices.
At Home Network opened its first office in 2005 in Budapest, and now it is dealing with properties in further five more European capital cities: in Moscow, in Prague, in Bratislava, in Warsaw and in Vienna. Anikó Gálya, the executive director of the company did not want to deal with real estates, life gave her the opportunity: „One of At Home’s international competitors asked me to lead their Hungarian office. It seemed to be a good opportunity, but I said no. Due to the encouragement of old clients and friends I chose to start my own company: I decided to search properties for the expatriates who are coming to Hungary through multinational companies and embassies.”


The development of the enterprise was gradual: first the At Home was dealing with premium category properties from a living room. At that time the profile of the company was only renting, and in 2009 it started the selling of luxury real estates. It was a real challenge to sell hundred million HUF valued properties during the crisis. At Home had to work hard for the results. Anikó Gálya does not believe in downsizing, but in the continuous development and innovation. „Until others were reducing the staff because of the crisis, we were searching jobs to do for our colleagues and instead of reducing cost, we were making investments. At Home’s biggest weapon is the excellent team. A lot of our colleagues have been working here from the beginning, so they contribute to the prestige of the company with their strong market knowledge. The familiar atmosphere is indispensable, we celebrate the birthdays, we open champagne after the successes, we try to help and support each other. “

In 2008 Zoltan Mező joined to the family enterprise, and became the head of expansion by using his international experiences. The goal was to reach more successes in further capitals of Europe. First At Home entered Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, and later Moscow. The newest offices opened in Vienna, where demand seems to be high for quality properties.
At Home is proud of the fact that its international offices do not work in a franchise system, it remained self-owned. According to Zoltan Mező it has a lot of advantages; first of all it provides a strong market position for At Home. Second, it is easier to actualize the cross-selling and the quality control. At Home gives personalised offers for its customers.



The crisis did not avoid the luxury real estate market, but had a different effect on countries. In Budapest we met slower decisions and cost reduction, Prague was full of opportunities, so we could accomplish a lot of successful projects. “The versatility helped our position during the crisis, because we could see not only the difficulties but the opportunities at first hand.” – said Zoltán Mező.
Our plans for the future are to strengthen our position, and exploring the western markets. Anikó Gálya and Zoltán Mező would like to make the Budapest market more attractive for the Russian investors. They will not let on the quality services and the professional customer service for sure. Innovation, specialisation and highly qualified workers- this is the way At Home is continuing its activity., 2013