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How does the current situation redraw the map of real estate prices in Budapest?
The world market situation will drastically change the real estate market in the long term.
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Closer to school? Where is the ideal place to move with the family?
It matters how far the family has to travel so that the children can attend an excellent institution.
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Colour trends
I am sure everybody knows that the colour of the walls is very important in our house. We have ...
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Along with the whole family – Multi generational properties
The question of multi-generational houses is very complex both financially and emotionally...
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The most fantastic place to watch the August 20 fireworks
The incomparable sight always attracts huge crowds, but where is the most memorable place to watch the fireworks?
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The Bauhaus home and interior design
When we think of Bauhaus style, the mind usually wanders to thoughts of minimalist and modern house structures
Domy, trendy a design
Interior design guide and examples of Budapest properties
Imagine your new home filled with light and space, a spring morning and breakfast in the garden...
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Fenntartható otthonok: modern technológiával még nagyobb siker
A modern gépészeti technológia óriási segítség a gazdaságosabb és környezettudatosabb életvitelhez.
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Get to Know What Proptech is – 5 Pioneering Modern Solutions in Real Estate Business
How does today's peak era of digitalization influences the real estate sector?