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Moving to Budapest

Housing & Utilities
Before you come to live in Budapest, it is good to make a budget plan to see how you can cover the living costs here
International Schools, Kindergartens and Nurseries
Most international preschools are privately owned and cater for children from the age of 2 to 7
Safety, Security and Local Authorities
Budapest is a safe city overall, but being careful is important. You can check the most important contacts to call in a case of an emergency
Beyond Budapest
Budapest is not the only fascinating cultural destination in Hungary. If you want to go beyond the touristy sights, here is a cool list of unique or unusual places on the country side.
Sightseeing in Budapest
There are many sights to see while visiting Budapest, we collected the most famous and beautiful ones, that are must-see
General information
Hungary - Facts and information for visitors and arriving expats
International Schools in Hungary
Budapest offers a variety of international schools to choose from and At Home has gathered the most prestigious ones to give guidance to expatriate clients
At Home Real Estate services
We assist clients with a full range of services covering every aspect of a real estate transaction.
Home search and orientation services
Caring assistance from day 1 till moving in

Budapest Guide

Budapest offers a variety of beautiful theaters, find the best places
Fun with kids
Budapest has many opportunities for families too for both warm and cold days.
Do you like your little pet close to you? We can give you hints on where to go with all your needs let that be a pub, café, dog park or a vet.
Dining & Cuisine
Budapest offers a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, but it is good to know what our specialities mean
You need the best healthcare for you and your family, here are the places where they give you the best treatment and speak proper English
Where to buy groceries, furniture and many more in Budapest
Banking & Postal Services
Expats should not experience much difficulty managing their money in Hungary.
Private transport
Find up-to-date driving laws and advice for Hungary
Public transportation
Budapest is a sprawling metropolis with several lines available to passengers. Opting for BKK (local commuting service provider) is a fast, practical and pretty cheap option