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FAQ about property rental Budapest

How long shall I sign the lease agreement?

Usually minimum for 1 year.
If you sign a long term rental Contract ( it means min 2 years ) you can get a good price for your flat/house.

Do I need owners approval for keeping dogs/cats in the flat?

YES. Without written premission it is not allowed to keep animals in the flat. Some special rules shall be applied.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for

  • the repair of defects (normal wear-and-tear is excluded) in the Leased Premises or in its furnishings - including all pipes, cables and fittings - that arose as a consequence of the behavior of the Lessee or any person living in the Leased Premises, the payment of the relevant costs and damages, the restore of the original status of the Leased Premises
  • the payment of the electricity-, water-, gas-, sewage-, heating-, hot water-, rubbish disposal-, telephone bills and TV-fee, [common expenses, alarm system], any other public utility services or other services used by the Lessee, directly to the Lessor or to the service provider
  • maintenance of the swimming pool; if you have
  • maintenance of the garden.
  • Prompt payment

What is the lessor responsible for?

Your landlord is responsible for:

  • the maintenance and repair of the Leased Premises and the building, and the payment of all taxes thereof
  • the permanent working state of the building's central equipment
  • the repair or replacement of the furnishings, items of furniture and appliances belonging to the Leased Premises or the building that have become unfit for use due to damage caused by elements or normal wear-and-tear, during the proper and careful use by the Lessee thereof;
  • the repair of defects arising in the sections within the Leased Premises of the electric-, water-, sewage- and heating network, as well as in that of the TV-aerial (ground/satellite);
  • the repainting of the walls and cleaning or replacing the wall-papers as necessary, but not more frequently than once every 4 (four) years.

How much money do I need to pay after the signature?

1 month rent is required to be paid in advance together with 2-month deposit, but parties can agree different payment term and condition.

Wil I get my Security Deposit back when I leave Budapest?:

At the expiry of this contract, the lessor shall pay back to the lessee that part of the security deposit which remains after the payment of the verified costs for repairing the damages caused by the lessee. The value of normal wear-and tear may not be charged to such costs.

What is the letter of intend and when it is important to sign?

Letter of intend is a written agreement signed by parties. It declares that Lessee is willing to sign the final lease agreement within 1 or 2 week and the Lessor shall take the Lease Premises to them.The parties can agree on the rent , the amount of the deposit, starting date of the Lease.
In Summer time in order to avoid your choosen property will be taken by somebody else please ask your real estate advisor to make a letter of intend.

What kind of data do I need for lease Agreement?

  • Name
  • Place and date of birth:
  • Mother's name
  • Address
  • Passport number
  • Lessee's contact
  • Company name
  • Company registered address
  • Data of company
  • Company registration number
  • Who represents client (if applicable)

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